Weather information

Weather is an important factor influencing crop growth. Our App provides 7 days weather forecast at village level which involves several parameters like temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, rainfall.


Our app helps farmers and herders find out latest prices obtainable for his crop among his area. This will enable him/her to plan his/her own price without depending on the middlemen.

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Audio and Video advisory

Advisory is also available in audio and video format to demonstrate practically the steps to be followed on managing crops and animals.

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Farmer Registration

Hassle free App requires one time registration only and it if for free
New farmers can register by entering their mobile number, name of village & crops.

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Available Resources

The system has resources part which allows the registered users to get different resources such as Human resources, Tractors, Water, Inputs etc. This will allow the user to document all expenditures in terms of cash, loan, etc and finally there will be some reports which shows all expences.

Nearest Agro Shops

It will be able to list Seed Dealers, Fertilizer Dealers, Pesticide Dealers, Machinery Dealers

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Customized Reports

There are different reports for all farmers, herders, NGO's and corporate companies.

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Register yourself as Buyer/Seller/NGO/Research Institute/Private Company/Insurer/Bank/Microfinance

This app is promising to be used by many African countries as it accepts all languages, currencies, intergrated with National Identification authorities, allows Corporate companies such as Banks to disburse loans easily to farmers as the system contains all farmers rich data.


We have a farm management feature which will allows you to add your crops, add your farm details, get crops advise and different pests notifications. You will also be allowed to add your workers in the system and get the reports from them. This will simplify your work.


Do you keep Animals? GreenApp allows you to list the stock of animals and sell them online.



Companies have a room to sell and buy their products on this app, link and grant their farmers to the banks for a loan, get continuous reports from their suppliers (farmers)


As a normal buyer, when registered with us, will have a bonus when purchasing products from our farmers and and get market analysis for the past week.

Discover great features


Perfectly designed

We shall have pest’s detection and treatment.
Our is embedded with an AI(Artificial Intelligence) mechanism of detecting pests and suggesting the treatment mechanism. We noted that there are very few agri advisors, our app will act as a personal adviser when someone’s crops/animals gets affected, he/she has to take a picture and submit to the application and the application automatically will translate the picture and advise the type of disease and advise the nearest agro shop for medication.


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